Video Production

Share your passion, inspiration, and techniques in a social 
media and website friendly video. 


Enhance your website with 
professional headshots and images that will show off your space, tools, and  style.


Hands on workshops taught by an industry professional, tailor made for artists. Learn tools and strategies to self promote your work.

Professional Headshots

Photography Session

Your website, emails signature, social media accounts, and artist profiles should all have cohesive imagery to define who you are. 
Your professional headshot should be recognizable (not what you looked like 10 years ago!) and should represent your unique style.

Price: $250

$200 (Bundled with Video)

Personal Branding Session

Photography Session

Whether it’s a gallery opening or a tour of your work space, a personal branding session gives you imagery to display across your marketing channels (website, social accounts, artist accounts) and gives your patrons the opportunity to see your tools, artistic space, and relationship with your art. 

Price: $350 (includes headshots)

$300 (Bundled with Video)

Play Video

"Meet the Artist" Video

Video Production Session

Video is hands down the most preferred way people consume content online. For that reason, giving your patrons a behind the scenes look into your inspirations and work space is an excellent way to make a virtual introduction to people you may never have the opportunity to shake hands with. 

2 Package Options: $650 or $850

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