Hi, I'm Victoria

I’m a proud wifey & dog mom, tea-drinker, donut blogger, retired mermaid (until I find a body of water), and nature enthusiast!

If it’s artistic and creative, I probably love it.

My perfect day?

I’m hiking a trail with my husband, Michael and our fur-child Gulliver, with a camera around my neck. 

I have been fortunate to work with SO many amazing people and organizations in St. Louis.

 The Nine Network of Public Media, Coolfire Studios, and feature film crews that changed my life forever.

I thrive on collaboration and passion.

I am the City Champion (cool title, right?!) of the local chapter of Women in Digital, where I connect with amazing women in my industry.

To all the creative geniuses, companies, crew members that have been part of this professional journey, thank you for joining me on the ride.

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Our Team

Victoria Ziglar

Video Producer & Photographer

Victoria founded Bright Coral with the goal of producing
 creative, impactful, and heartwarming  visual content for passionate people, businesses, and organizations.

Randy Difani

Writer & Production Assistant

Randy’s improv sketch comedy experience and love of puns make writing social friendly videos a walk in the park for this guy. A pro at idea-bouncing and light
 bouncing, Randy brings ideas to the table and 
then to life on set.

Michael Ziglar

Audio engineer & Composer

Stock music is for the birds. Michael creates custom 
music beds and soundscapes for Bright Coral videos. When the headphones go on, Michael times every
emotion and every cut to every beat.

Drummer, guitarist, & pianist. It’s really not fair to have this much talent.


CFO [Chief Furry OFficer]

Though Gulliver sleeps on the job, our home office just wouldn’t be the same without him. 
When we need a break from editing, Gulliver is always ready to take a walk to the park and help get our creative juices flowing. 

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